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Expediting Services from Aggressive Expediting: We Know How To Get It Done, Whatever It Is

Through our sister company, Aggressive Expediting we offer our Core Customers specialized services that keep bureaucratic hitches at arms length.  Aggressive Expediting is fully knowledgeable about what the city requires builders to do.  We can offer unique assistance in the Dallas Metroplex.

Just because third party services are not yet approved in Dallas, does not mean that builders have to deal directly with the city.  Aggressive Expediting provides expediting services that eliminate the need for builders to leave their projects to sit and wait at City Hall to obtain permits.

Aggressive Expediting will submit plans and obtain permits in the same day.  They will pick up and drop off plans and provide premiere consulting to our client partners.   catering to the demands of their demanding business schedules.

Because of Aggressive Expediting’s relationship with Metrocode, we have access to a professionally licensed and insured team of reviewers and inspectors.. They hold the same certifications as their city counterparts that can provide full third party permitting services when needed.

We have our staff at city offices each day. We stay in the know and ahead of the game. The minute we know, our clients know.