Our Services

Plan Review & Inspection

Residential and Commercial Plan Review and Inspection: Comprehensive, Rigorous and Easy

Metrocode has licensed and insured teams of plan reviewers and inspectors who hold the same certifications as their city counterparts, poised to cater to your demanding building schedules while avoiding the hassles of governmental red tape.  Our personnel have turn-around times up to three weeks faster than city and state staff.

Here’s how it works.  As the liaison between you and the city, Metrocode has a close and long-standing relationship with municipal directors, putting us first on the list to know of any changes that can affect your business.  We are well-versed in all levels of city codes and ordinances, and can tailor specific services to match your particular inspection needs.

Our inspectors are code certified, city-approved and committed to providing extraordinary service.

County Inspections: Helping the Builder Help the Homeowner

Our array of services takes you from breaking ground to obtaining an occupancy permit. We provide a customer service inspection and certificate of occupancy, both of which meet Texas Residential Construction Commission requirements and are available for the mortgage company. We maintain a complete file on your project to control warranty issues.

Metro Code handles county inspections and keeps clients informed along the way. You will always hear a friendly voice on the other end of the phone.