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Expediting Services

Just because third party plan review and inspections are not yet approved in Dallas and other cities, does not mean that builders have to spend all their time at City Hall.  Metro Code can expedite your permits through the City to help you obtain your building permits.  Metro Code can obtain a building permit in as little as 1 day in the City of Dallas to get you working on your project faster!

We have our staff at city offices each day. We stay in the know and ahead of the game. The minute we know, our clients know.  Cities are constantly updating and changing codes that directly affect the profitability and feasibility of your projects.  Metro Code works closely with cities to keep our clients informed of code changes.

We know that each day spent in plan review at the city is precious build time that is being lost.  It is our goal to save you time and money by obtaining your permits as quickly as possible.

One of the many ways we achieve this is by performing a “pre-check”.  We review the documents submitted and look for any deficiencies that might cause holds or delays to the permitting process.  Metro Code also helps prepare your files to allow the city employees to preform their tasks more efficiently.