Great Service, Guaranteed

Metrocode knows just what builders have to do to see their projects completed.  After 25 years, we have perfected a streamlined method for helping builders navigate the waters of municipal red tape.  We do it better than our competitors.

In Ft. Worth for example, Metrocode leads the industry, with more market share than any other third party firm.

Our comprehensive suite of services gets any client through any development project, whether residential or commercial.  Metrocode’s Building Inspection Services are geared to ensure that the permitting process is hitch-free and fast and is based on a foundation of expertise.

Our Plan Examiners have more than 55 years of collective experience in the field, boasting superb knowledge of city codes and ordinances. Our dedicated staff is comprised of certified Zoning Examiners, Energy Plans Examiners, Building Officials and Texas Accessibility Specialists, among other experts, who will thoroughly examine your plans and identify initial challenges.

Next, our Building Inspectors maintain multiple certifications in relevant trades, enabling them to complete numerous inspections in one visit.  With 80 collective years of experience, our technicians are licensed as Residential and Commercial Building Inspectors, Plumbing, Mechanical, Zoning, Energy, Electrical and Gas Inspectors, as well as Master Code Professionals. They hold State of Texas Plumbing and Journeyman and Master Electrician Test Certificates.

Inspections are completed within 24 hours, the same day if called in by 10 am. Results are faxed to the builder and to the city.

Energy Star

Energy Star: Helping You Build a Better Home
As a certified provider for Energy Star, Metro Code provides industry-leading quality control to builders. We train salesmen, builders and tradesmen, and complete inspections including plan review, blower door and duct blaster tests. Required in Frisco and optional in the Dallas Metroplex, these services ensure that every home is constructed to Energy Star compliance.


With the introduction of the third party plan review and inspections, in your area. Your city has taken a significant step to ensure that the rapid growth over the next years is handled smoothly. Builders can be confident that with the third party alternatives their building needs will continue to be met while keeping safety their top priority.


We are a full time plan review and inspection consulting firm that provides fast, accurate review of pre-construction plans and building inspections. Our plan review services ensure that all construction projects adhere to all building codes and TAS requirements.

Plan Review & Inspections

Residential and Commercial Plan Review and Inspection: Comprehensive, Rigorous and Easy

We propose to meet with you at the earliest stages of development to help construct and design per code standards. We offer free consultations and pre- construction meetings at no charge.


Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation/Texas Accessibility Standards: Thinking Ahead For Positive Results

Advance planning sets the stage for success, when meeting TDLR/TAS standards. Architects, Engineers and Designers must submit documents for TAS review, showing that they have complied with requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1996.

We offer

  • to and from courier service
  • same-day services for all jobs received by 10:00 am
  • daily permit and inspection status reports
  • a call to the builder to notify of problems or issues on site, never leaving a red tag at the job without notification and options to resolve
  • Meetings with the builder on the job
  • a friendly voice on the other end of the phone
  • a no-leave policy: we stay until the job is done
  • RESCheck and Code Compliance plan review
  • assistance with meter release and validation of trade permits
  • assistance with parkway permits
  • a team of inspectors who hold licenses in multiple fields, enabling them to complete various inspections in one visit
  • the technology for reproducing your plans onsite, at your requested size